Author: Daphene

Impartiality and Notaries

Being an unbiased witness to document signings is one of a notary’s most significant obligations. But what knowledge does a Notary require to maintain objectivity? Here are some tips to assist you maintain objectivity, as well as the importance of objectivity for Notaries. Preventing the Treatment of Document Signers Differently Most states consider notaries to […]

Notaries Can Claim Home Office Tax Deductions

Regarding general Notary tax advice and mileage deductions, this is simply basic information, and each person’s tax position may be different. Contact the IRS or your tax counselor if you have particular questions regarding your tax status. Reminder: As of 2018, only self-employed taxpayers are eligible for the home office deduction. Employees are unable to […]

Signing Agent Advice: Problems with ID and Loan Signings

During a loan closing, a notary signing agent has two responsibilities: one is to notarize loan documents, and the other is to make sure the loan package is signed and delivered on time. Verifying the signer’s identification in accordance with state legislation is a crucial component. However, in some closings a lender, title company, or […]

3 Notary Skillsets

1. Recognize the Notary laws in your state. 2. Get familiar with the fundamental responsibilities of a Notary business owner. 3. Be positive and diligent so that your clients will respect you. Although we cannot control what life presents, we can control how we react to it. For a Notary business career to be truly […]

Determining a Signer’s Awareness

Notaries are not required to be experts in medicine or psychology. Nonetheless, you should still be conscious of whether a signer appears knowledgeable and prepared to do business that needs to be notarized. This thorough assessment of a person’s transaction awareness is mandated by law in some places. Examining a signer’s awareness typically entails determining […]