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AdviceĀ for Notary Signing Agents: Split Signings

Split Signings Frequently leave Notary Signing Agents perplexed. Split signings occur when numerous borrowers, such as partners or spouses, are required to sign loan documents, but only one of the borrowers is present at the same time. In these circumstances, settlement services frequently set up separate signing appointments for two signing agents to process the […]

A Notary Public is What?

A Notary Public is a trustworthy representative of the state government appointed by the secretary of state to assist the public in a number of formal fraud-deterrent activities relating to the signing of significant documents. Notarizations, also known as notarial acts, are these official actions. Publicly appointed “ministerial” officials, such as notaries, are required to […]

How Do Remote Online Notarization (RON) and Remote Ink-Signed Notarization Differ Than (RIN)

The real estate sector has long benefited from technological improvements that have made it more automated and consumer friendly. Virtual showings, listing portals, and chat interfaces are all very commonplace these days. The process is made simpler for buyers, sellers, real estate brokers, and title agents thanks to the solutions that title companies are using. […]

Understanding of Apostilles

An apostille or authentication is required when notarizing papers that will be forwarded to other nations, however it is up to the signer to seek assistance with apostille service. After the document has been notarized, an appropriate government official will frequently affix an apostille, which is a certificate. Even though getting an apostille is not […]

Field Inspections for Notaries

The Work of Picture Inspectors Picture inspectors schedule a meeting with the parties involved, take any photos the insurance company requests, and then forward the photos via a smartphone app the firm provides. After that, the business authenticates and timestamps the pictures before giving them to the insurance company for their files. What You Need […]

Notaries in High Demand for Mobile Testing Proctors

Despite the slow mortgage market, proctoring examinations for online students offers notaries the opportunity to augment their primary employment and earn additional income. Despite the slow mortgage market, proctoring examinations for online students offers notaries the opportunity to augment their primary employment and earn additional income.  Numerous academic institutions are increasing their course offerings to enable […]

Impartiality and Notaries

Being an unbiased witness to document signings is one of a notary’s most significant obligations. But what knowledge does a Notary require to maintain objectivity? Here are some tips to assist you maintain objectivity, as well as the importance of objectivity for Notaries. Preventing the Treatment of Document Signers Differently Most states consider notaries to […]

Notaries Can Claim Home Office Tax Deductions

Regarding general Notary tax advice and mileage deductions, this is simply basic information, and each person’s tax position may be different. Contact the IRS or your tax counselor if you have particular questions regarding your tax status. Reminder: As of 2018, only self-employed taxpayers are eligible for the home office deduction. Employees are unable to […]