Field Inspections for Notaries

The Work of Picture Inspectors

Picture inspectors schedule a meeting with the parties involved, take any photos the insurance company requests, and then forward the photos via a smartphone app the firm provides. After that, the business authenticates and timestamps the pictures before giving them to the insurance company for their files.

What You Need to Know to Become a Photo Inspector

A picture inspection does not need to be actually notarized, however, the best inspectors are Notaries.

Notaries are trustworthy, professional, and are accustomed to the level of precision required for this kind of work because of their training.

Notaries who are interested in working as picture inspectors should have a vehicle and a recent Android or Apple smartphone.

What training is required to work as a field inspector?

Most possess the necessary tools of the job. You need a resume that includes information about you, what you do, the kinds of inspections you do, and the regions that you serve. You are required to have a digital camera with a flash and the ability to time and date stamp your photos as well as a high-speed internet connection. You’ll also require a trustworthy automobile. A measuring/walking wheel might be necessary for some insurance inspections, but don’t spend money until you’re sure you need it. Notaries are employed by mortgage lenders, insurance companies, and banks to personally inspect the property before approving a loan.

Best of everything and practice safety first.